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A tree is defined as having one main stem and grow to at least 12-15\\' tall. Trees can be offered as "clump" form or multistemmed meaning that they were planted or pruned to offer multiple trunks.

Our plant lists are based upon items we have on order for the year. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some items may not be available. On the other hand, just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean we don’t have it! Our inventory changes throughout the season, so please call us to be sure we have what you are looking for.


Botanical Name

Common Name


Flower Color

Magnolia x soulangeana 'Black Tulip'Black Tulip Saucer MagnoliaSunDark Burgundy more info
Magnolia 'Butterflies'Butterflies Yellow Flower MagnoliaSun/Pt ShadeCreamy white flowers more info
Magnolia 'Cameo'Cameo MagnoliaSunPink more info
Magnolia x soulangeanaChinese MagnoliaSun / Pt. ShadeWhite / Purple more info
Metasequoia glyptostroboidesdawn redwoodSun


more info
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'Elizabeth MagnoliaSunYellow more info
Metasequoia glyp. 'Gold Rush'Gold Rush Dawn RedwoodSunGold Foliage more info
Magnolia 'Gold Star'Gold Star MagnoliaSun/Pt ShadeCreamy yellow more info
Magnolia v. 'Green Shadow'Green Shadow Sweetbay MagnoliaSun/Pt ShadeCreamy white flowers more info
Magnolia 'Honey Tulip'Honey Tulip MagnoliaSunYellow more info
Magnolia 'Jane'Jane Saucer MagnoliaSun / Pt Sunreddish purple more info
Magnolia macrophyllalarge-leaved cucumber tree, bigleaf magnoliaSun/Pt SunWhite with purple petal bases more info
Malus 'Lollipop'Lollipop Crabapple SunWhite more info
Magnolia 'Charles Coat'MagnoliaSun/Pt SunWhite more info
Magnolia 'Judy Zuk'MagnoliaSun/Pt SunYellow more info
Magnolia 'Ann'MagnoliaSun/Pt SunPurple-red more info
Magnolia virginiana 'Moonglow'Moonglow Sweetbay MagnoliaSun / Pt. SunWhite more info
Malus 'Prairifire'Prairifire Crabapple



more info
Malus 'Royal Raindrops'Royal Raindrops CrabappleSun'Pt ShadePink more info
Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'Royal Star MagnoliaSun/Pt ShWhite more info
Malus sargentii 'Tina'Sargent CrabappleSunWhite more info
Magnolia gr. Bracken's Brown BeautySouthern MagnoliaSun/Pt SunWhite bloom, green foliage more info
Magnolia 'Sunset Swirl'Sunset Swirl Magnolia



more info
Magnolia virginianaSweetbay MagnoliaSun/Pt ShadeCreamy white flowers more info
Magnolia tripetalaumbrella tree Sun/Pt ShadeWhite more info
Magnolia 'Vulcan'Vulcan MagnoliaSunMagenta more info
Magnolia 'Yellowbird'Yellowbird MagnoliaSun/Pt ShadeYellow flowers more info