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Included in this listing are plants; annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees that produce nectar, fruit, seeds or shelter for birds and mammals.

Our plant lists are based upon current inventories, items we have on order, or planned for production. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some of these items may not be available at all times. On the other hand, just because it is not on the list doesn't mean we do not have it. Our inventory and opportunities change throughout the year. Please call ahead to be sure we have what you are looking for. 


Plants for Wildlife

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Botanical Name

Common Name


Flower Color

Grass - Miscanthus s. 'Adagio'Adagio Maiden GrassSunPink/white flowers more info
Grass - Andropogon gerardiiBig BluestemSun/Pt. Shade


more info
Gaillardia Spintop 'Yellow Touch'Blanket FlowerSunorange/red/yellow more info
Gaillardia Spintop 'Red Starburst'Blanket FlowersSunRed/Orange/Yellow more info
Grass - Miscanthus s. 'GracillimusGracillimus Maiden GrassSunCoppery flowers more info
Grass - Pennisetum a. 'Hameln'Hameln Dwarf Fountain GrassSun/Pt ShadeCreamy tan seed heads more info
Grass - Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'Karl Foerster Feather Reed GrassSun/Pt ShadeGolden flowers more info
Grass - Miscanthus s. 'Morning Light'Morning Light Variegated Maiden GrassSunCreamy plumes more info
Grass - Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus'Porcupine GrassSun/Pt ShadeReddish-brown more info