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Edibles are plants either annuals, perennials, shrubs or trees that produce an edible fruit or vegetative plant stem, leaf or flower.

Our plant lists are based upon items we have on order for the year. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some items may not be available. On the other hand, just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean we don’t have it! Our inventory changes throughout the season, so please call us to be sure we have what you are looking for.


Botanical Name

Common Name


Flower Color

Dill - Anethum graveolens 'Bouquet'Bouquet DillSunyellow more info
Dill - Anethum graveolensDillSunYellow more info
Dill - Anethum graveolens 'Fernleaf'Fernleaf DillSunYellow more info