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A Native plant is a plant that has evolved naturally in a location, without the interferrence of man. Native plants not only have adapted to the local soils and weather conditions they are vital the wildlife that has adapted to the native plant's life-cycle. 

Native plants are trending with gardeners as they look more to the sustainability of our local wildlife and to plants that demand less care in the garden. 

It is up to each gardener to evaluate plants as acceptable native varieties. In this listing you will find some naturally occuring cultivars and selections that still provide the benefit to wildlife as the straight species.

Native Plants

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Botanical Name

Common Name


Flower Color

Callicarpa americanaAmerican BeautyberrySun/Pt. ShadeLilac more info
Cotinus obovatusAmerican Smoke TreeSunPurplish flowers more info
Cornus sericea 'Cardinal'Cardinal Red Twig DogwoodSun/Pt ShadeWhite more info
Cephalanthus 'Fiber Optics'Fiber Optics Button BushSunWhite more info
Cornus sericea 'Firedance'Firedance Red Twig DogwoodSun/Pt Sunwhite more info
Cornus racemosaGray DogwoodSun/Pt ShadeWhite flowers more info
Clethra alnifolia 'Hummingbird'Hummingbird SummersweetSun/Pt ShadeCreamy white more info
Cornus alba Ivory HaloIvory Halo Variegated Red Twig DogwoodSun/Pt ShadeCreamy white flowers more info
Calibrachoa Superbells Doublette 'Love Swept'Million Bells, CalibrachoaSunDouble Deep Pink with White Edge more info
Ceanothus americanusNew Jersey TeaSun/Pt ShadeWhite flowers more info
Cornus sericea Red Twig DogwoodSun/ Pt. ShadeWhite more info
Cornus 'Scarlet Fire'Scarlet Fire DogwoodSun/Pt. ShadeDark Pink more info
Clethra 'Sixteen Candles'Sixteen Candles SummersweetSun/Pt ShadeFragrant white flowers more info
Cornus alba Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry Daiquiri Variegated Dogwood


White more info
Clethra 'Einstein'Summersweet ClethraSun/Pt ShadeLarge white flowers more info
Clethra a. 'Ruby Spice'Sweet PepperbushSun/Pt ShadeRose pink more info
Calycanthus floridusSweetshrubSun/Pt ShadeReddish-brown flowers more info
Cornus 'Elegantissima'Variegated Red Twig DogwoodSun/Pt SunWhite more info