Gardener's Notes

Echinacea (Cone Flowers)

February 4, 2019
Cheyenne Spirit
Cheyenne Spirit


Everyone around Greenfield has one thing in common - we love plants.  So I thought it would be fun, here in the dreary Cincinnati winter, to ask around the farm about everyone's favorite plant to grow.   Since it is my bright idea, I figured that I should go first.  I am Suzanne and I work at the Greenfield Maineville Farm.

My favorite is the coneflower -Echinacea.  Echinacea are a native herbaceous perennial that do very well here in the Cincinnati area. Coneflowers do best in a full sun location that is not too wet.  They like the Cincinnati soil, and once established are very low maintenance. They come in many different colors, from Pow Wow White to Cheyenne Spirit (pink to orange) to Red Hot Poker (Red) and Green Gem (funky Green flowers).  They are bright, and bold and are a highlight of any garden.   Some varieties are tall, beefy plants for the middle of a border, and there are also  shorter growing varieties. They are a favorite of bees, butterflies and skippers, and are a vital part of any pollinator garden. 


  • Echinacea P. 'Virgin'
  • Echinacea P. 'Cheyenne Spirit'                           
  • Echinacea P. 'Pow Wow White'
  • Echinacea P. 'Pow Wow Wild Berry'
  • Echinacea P. 'Big Sky Solar Flare'
  • Echinacea P. 'Big Sky Sundown'
  • Echinacea P. 'Butterfly Julia'
  • Echinacea P. 'Butterfly Kisses'
  • Echinacea P. 'Purple Emperor'
  • Echinacea P. 'Butterfly Rainbow Marcella'
  • Echinacea P. 'Hot Papaya'
  • Echinacea P. 'Marmalade'
  • Echinacea P. 'Green Gem'
  • Echinacea P. 'Kims Knee High'
  • Ecinacea P. 'Magnus'
  • Echinacea P. 'White Swan'
  • Echinacea P. 'Raspberry Truffle'
  • Echinacea P. 'Tomato Soup'

With all of these choices, we can help you find the perfect one to spice up your garden bed!