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Preparing for Spring with Pansies

December 14, 2023  |  Annuals, Greenhouse, Pansies, Production, Spring
Alec and Jim Planting
Alec & Jim Planting Pansies

There is never a dull moment at Greenfield!

In September and October, the plants were moved around and consolidated for the winter. In October and November, the retail season ended and the houses were covered with plastic. Just when you think things are starting to slow down, a shipment of pansies arrives to be potted!

Thousands of little pansy plugs are planted into hundreds of 6" pots. Our preparation for early spring flowers starts at the beginning of December to ensure that we have plenty of plants ready to go for opening day! 

Pansy 'Fruit Salad Mix'
Pansy 'Fruit Salad Mix' in Spring 2023


They grow more and more every day and we can't wait to see them bloom! Here are some of the varieties that we are excited for;


Pansy Delta Pro 'Lavender Blue Shades'


Pansy Delta Prem 'Apple Cider Mix'


Pansy Delta Prem 'Marina'


Pansy Delta Classic 'Watercolors Mix'


And so many more!


Oh how they've grown!

Planting was finished on December 7th. Just one week later we can see tons of new growth which gets us excited for spring!

Now, on January 22nd, we have blooms!