Greenfielder Rewards

Greenfielder Rewards is one way we at Greenfield would like to say Thank You to our loyal customers.  Our business is growing and changing and we want you to grow with us.  We are making strides to make your shopping experience better and better.  One thing will never change here at Greenfield, we want to grow great plants and provide them to eager gardeners.  

Here are just a few of the perks that come along with being a Greenfielder...

There is no fee for this fabulous membership.  No commitments, no signing on the dotted line.  
When you become a Greenfielder, you become eligible for seasonal specials running only for Greenfielders.  
Your purchase history is automatically kept in our records so you never have to remember what you planted last year or keep receipts from year to year.
Greenfielders automatically receive Greenfield Plant Farm's email newsletter that will include announcements for special sales, events and offerings.  

How do you become a member?

Just sign up!  Gardeners can sign up below and your card can be snail mailed to you.  You can stop in to either retail location and sign up.  If you are an existing customer, we only need to mail you the card and you will be ready to benefit from being a Greenfielder Rewards Member.  If you prefer you can stop in the shop and we will get you started.  New to Greenfield - no problem.  Its fast and easy to get set up online or in person.


Sign Up Here....

In order to mail you your Greenfielder Rewards Card, please enter all of the following information.  Your card will be active the day you receive it!


Stop in today and Get Started!

Greenfielder Rewards Cards are valid at both our retail locations.  Present your card before every purchase to ensure you are receiving optimal service and rewards.  We can't wait to see you at Greenfield Plant Farm.