Our Roots

Anderson Homestead
Fall at the Homestead


Anderson Homestead is now closed for the season. Check our website for updates!

Thank you for a great season! 

Anderson Homestead
Welcome to the Homestead


Step Back In Time

There's a quaint little garden store on the corner of Clough and Hunley. It's brimming with buds and blooms and folks keen on gardening.  

In 2003, Greenfield Plant Farm set up shop at the Clark Stone House and homestead. The property is no stranger to commerce; as early as 1919 there was an operating greenhouse where plants were grown and sold. 

Greenfield's Anderson Homestead

The Homestead

Today, Greenfield's Anderson Homestead is filled with perennials and annuals grown at our own Maineville farm.  The selection is rounded out with a variety of trees and shrubs. Stop in throughout the season to see what you need in your garden!  

Clark Stone House

A Bit of History

The history of Clark Stone House is a long one and well documented by the folks at The Anderson Township Historical Society.